Song of Ascents

(For women only)

“A song of ascents… The L-rd has done great things for us and we are glad…” (Psalms 126:3)

  • Could you imagine reaching more of your inner potential?
  • How would it feel to express your creative power?
  • What would it be like to connect from your deepest self
    to others and to G-d?

    Join the Song of Ascents community and you'll ...

    discover your own healing journey

    … sense more freedom in your body and mind

    … feel more open as you communicate from your heart

    create a dynamic path of personal transformation

    … witness miracles unfold for you and your family

    Could you then imagine empowering others?

    I want to personally invite you
    to an essential, irreplaceable, and priceless experience. How?

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    Devora Gila Berkowitz is a spiritual mentor, voice coach, yoga instructor, singer - songwriter, and pioneer in the field of Jewish healing. She is also a Facilitating Healer for The Gate of Unity. A Harvard-educated, contemporary mystic, Devora Gila’s teachings, music and vision have inspired women from around the world. Bridging the physical with the spiritual, Devora Gila draws from a deep wealth of knowledge and experience. Devora Gila is happily married to Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz. They raise their children in Bat Ayin, in the scenic Judean Hills of Israel.

    “Devora Gila is a true woman of valor. She works hard for the sake of HaShem and teaches effective and profound techniques for growth. She is careful to confirm that her work is aligned with the teachings of our holy Torah and attendees and students can feel confident that she sifts through what she teaches to confirm its appropriateness to our teachings. She leads a life of halachic observance and is deeply invested in her family. I can confidently recommend working with her towards greater growth and expression as a path in your development as a human being and as a dedicated Jew.” Rav Daniel Kohn, Yishuv Bat Ayin

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    Devora Gila Berkowitz, M.A.
    Breakthrough Coaching for Heart & Soul, Mind & Body

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